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12 Mar 2018

There is a subtle vibration, a wave of sound emanating from beyond the stars. This is the sound that brings life into motion, the sound that touches, creates and remains forever and is the underlying force of creation. This Sound is a means of transportation for the soul and reconnects us to our divine core through time and space. ​

For thousands of years, different cultures and religions around the world have been tuning into this Sacred Sound. ( Ohm, Hu )These differ...

6 Feb 2018

•The return of Yang•

These past weeks have been very interesting. After years of feminine energy dominating in my life, the masculine energy returned in my

reality. And how!!

For me this meant that the energy

presented itself as a sudden moving and productive force. ( I started this Blog for example, changed my website and started planning my work again) Surprisingly it also brought me the return of twin flame energy and it manifested a deep longing for my body to be balanced and...

21 Jan 2018

This divine energy is greater than any other force or being. And, it is greater than all that pertains to us. It is essential for this divine energy to remain a mystery, to remain unfathomable. So we could say that water contains this divine unfathomable energy and is in that way a direct and fluid mirror of our creator. Could this be why we are made of water?