my heart is a place of prayer. 
No prayer is complete without
my loving presence.

praying to remember perfection

When we pray we connect to  perfection and wholeness. That is why people pray to gods and goddesses. They are praying to the perfection they see outside of themselves thinking that what they long for or would like to change will come from an external power. What we really are doing when we pray is praying to our own perfection for our own perfection.To finally see how perfect we already are and how perfect our manifested reality is already working for us. This takes courage and the willingness to surrender and allow everything to work for you. To see that everything is here to help you uncover the melody of your highest vibration.

When we pray we connect to our deepest core.. to a place deep inside that is always there, silently present. It this deep silent well, where we find our breathing, we connect to the divine energy that we are.  When we pray we become alignment and we connect to that what is whole and perfect. 

We are praying to remember the divine perfection of all creation around us and to remember the divine perfection within.

May all beings be blessed and forgiven, for there is nothing that needs to be fixed or changed. All is here to be seen through the Eyes of God. 

All is here to be loved and blessed. We are the eyes of God looking through our human experience to see that it is good.

Prayer retreat

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