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There is a subtle vibration, a wave of sound emanating from beyond the stars. This is the sound that brings life into motion, the sound that touches, creates and remains forever and is the underlying force of creation. This Sound is a means of transportation for the soul and reconnects us to our divine core through time and space. ​

For thousands of years, different cultures and religions around the world have been tuning into this Sacred Sound. ( Ohm, Hu )These different cultures have different names for it but they all have a similar meaning; The Primal word of Brahma/God, Heavenly utterance, The pure melody , Song of the creator, Unlimited tone, Sound current from out of space, or Voice of the Heavens.

Space is within the body as well as around it; in other words, the body is in the space and the space is in the body. This being the case, the sound of heaven is within ourselves, and from ourselves. This Sound includes all of the divine qualities of God and it is the way in which source energy can manifest itself into human consciousness.

This UNI-VERSE, this one sound is divided into unlimited frequencies or tones that generate a geometric wave pattern. Nothing can exist without this cosmic current which can be heard as sound and seen as light . The limited volume of earthly sounds is so concrete that it dims the effect of the sound of the abstract to the sense of hearing, The sounds of the earth are not like that and we need to listen beyond the loudness of all the other sounds. When the abstract sound is audible, all other sounds become indistinct to the mystic.

As we grow more aware of it's presence, we come into God-realization and a higher awareness. The source of this sound and light is within ourselves and is part of that universal sound and light flowing from above.

We can be that love eminating sound of silence and tune in to it with all the cells in our bodies. We are the the song from heaven, we are the uni-verse.

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