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A holy love song

Singing is the physical experience of becoming yourself.

When I sing I connect the highest Thruth. A truth that can not be understood with the mind, it can only be known by the heart.

It is a song that comes from unity consciousness. It is filled with sound fractals, information codes and geometrical patterns. Wave patterns of sound that we perceive as divine vibrations of love and wholeness.

My song 

Through clearaudience I hear the subtle etherical vibrations from the heavens and I serve as a vocal channel for the truth that lies in what is present in that moment. This truth translates itself into a song that is connected to you. Like the seraphim I sing a holy song about your glory, for you are also God.

This holy love song is made from the vibrational qualities of your soul essence, and it can help you to remember your truth, so you can reconnect to your magnificance and to all that you are as a human and as a soul. 

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Song of the stars - Francisca
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"Through your voice I could hear myself.  Me, in my greatest power, free and strong but also soft.  As vulnerable as my deepest sorrow. 

Receiving your tones, felt like receiving myself for the first time.

As if you sang my true potential,  

all my depth and all my vulnerability.  All three at once."    



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