You are
You are the melody of life.
You are the one song of the YOUni-verse waiting to be sung.
Your are everything you have been seeking for.
You are the love and the wisdom that will fulfill your greatest joy. 
You are the unknown mystery, singing a song of truth 
because your are the song of heaven.
Welcome to my website, You.
I AM Francisca

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{  I am  } francisca

My name is Francisca. I am a space of love, a spiritual

navigator of the divine plan and a lover. I love to love! 

I do this by shining and sharing my highest essence through unconditional Divine love. The kind of loving that is in service of being in truth with all that is in every now moment.

I am here on earth to be of service in high vibrational ways, working with my unique gifts to support the divine plan. I am here to empower the divine connection and the heart space of the divine Feminine through soul illumination and the dancing in polarity.  I am holding in union the opposites that make us experience separation. I am Union, I am Shakti dancing with Shiva,  I am Source looking through my eyes at my human experience, I am the empty void and I am creation. A pure breath of life force energy. I am the fire and the water, the earth and the sky. 

I am here to lead by example so people find their way back to their wisdom and remember their divine blue print through clear communication, alignment and inspired intention

I have an enormous capacity to hold light, therefore I am able to ‘hold space’ in the density here on earth so that humanity and our planet can breath deeply into the heaven that they are. I am the Tantric invitation to others to lovingly hold space for themselves to feel all that needs to be felt, meanwhile reconnecting themselves back into wholeness, 

I hold the capacity to be fully present with the collective pain body bringing through a beautiful and pure path of clear and pure connection and communication with all the higher aspects that I AM. As a spiritual navigator of the Divine Plan I activate the Heart-Centered Blueprint in others through the sound of my voice and through the vibration of fractal light language when I sing.

I am a teacher of teachers, a realistic spiritualist, an accelerator of particles, pure and real as a child, working mostly behind the scenes while setting things in motion with my energetic presence and through my human actions. 

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