when i am silent
I fall into the place
where everything is Music.

the sound of silence workshop

Singing is the physical experience of becoming your true self.


When you sing your sound of silence you will sing your self free.

Free from the limitations of the mind, free from the stories you believe, free from the trauma's and emotions from this life and previous lives. From this place of freedom you will feel reconnected to your higher consciousness. The part that enjoys vibrating with the sounds that you make. The part that is present with everything that arises in you. The part that does not need to sing beautiful because it knows that it sounds exactly the way it is supposed to. 

When you connect to your divine sound you will become the loving listener of your own voice. The listener that loves whatever arises in the present moment, the listener that does not judge because every sound has a purpose and a meaning and is in need of a listener. Singing your Sound of Silence means that you will create space in yourself and for yourself. A space where you can allow everything (including yourself) to just be and show you what is. Here you will find your silence.

During this Workshop you will not work on techniques to mold your voice into a desired result. Instead your voice willl be guiding you and it will mold you back into your Whole  Beautiful Self.

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the sound of silence concert

Much of our life is spent under the influence of disorganized, chaotic, and frantic sound. We have become accustomed to it and we do not even notice that we are lacking moments of harmony and silence.  The long term effects of this is that we lose our ability to connect to our essence and instantly relax, quiet our mind and deepen our breathing. it is in the relaxation where we reconnect with our essence, our soul.

However, the more time one spends within the influence of highly organized and repeating fractal tone patterns, the more solution orientated is the information attracted and maintained in one’s energy field. This can allow stress to be replaced with ease by relaxation, which is why the sacred geometry of sound is a foundation for sound healing.  In addition, geometric symbols are the language of the unconscious and higher conscious mental bodies, and they provide the keys to one’s journey into the sensations of tone, back into the history of oneself as a Soul energy. Images and feelings from an ancient past may accompany the sound patterns.

The physical body, the subtle bodies and their points of confluence, vibrate at different frequencies.  These are modified or literally attuned by the resonation of the inner sound current, sacred algorithms or sound mantras, which can then harmonize and realign the dense and subtle components of the energetic body and awaken the light within. 

Come bath yourself in Sound at one of our concerts and feel aligned and reconnected to your essence and your song. 

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