"When you sing from the depths of your being, the space and energy fields around you are affected. The attitude, mood and feelings of the people who share this space with you are changed, whether they are aware of it or not.


The harmonizing expression that you gave to your radiant authentic voice took me in an upward spiral where I experienced more of the unity healing, clarity and strength that your voice added to the space . You made all heaviness disappear!


What I also felt strongly is that your communication center is fully enabled, because you are in pure connection to the source with integrity and an open heart. So you've already done a lot of inner work to be able to sing so lovingly!

If you sing you increase your aura and then your physical body is an open channel.

S u p e-r-fantastic!"



"Through your voice I could hear myself.  Me, in my greatest power, free and strong but also soft.  As vulnerable as my deepest sorrow. 

Receiving your tones, felt like receiving myself for the first time.

As if you sang my true potential,  

all my depth and all my vulnerability.  All three at once."    



"You showed me that singing isn't just about words and lyrics, it is about love energy and opening spaces and dimensions. "



"Thank you for the amazing workshop. It really is bizarre how much has begun to shift these past days, and how much I have let go of. I feel an incredible need to sing all the time. I haven't felt this since I was sixteen. My voice is flying around like crazy and I can not hit any note right, but I feel that something opened inside of me, and it has found the way out into the world!! So thank you Francisca for your wonderful and loving guidance."



"When we started the day doing physical exercises that were so strange I could feel how we all became equal in behaving funny. It felt for me as if a space was created where it was ok to make mistakes. I know that we are always allowed to make mistakes, but in real life we are too afraid to do so. I should give myself more permission to be present with my sound and make myself heard, and make mistakes."



"Before I joined Francisca’s Voice Liberation, I didn’t like my own voice. It is also easily overheard and I don’t want to speak up all the time. Through Francisca I experienced that the voice I use to manifest myself with is not the voice of My Self.

Finding that is a true gift. Hearing my true voice and the true voices of others went straight to my heart. Now I often think back of this experience and it helps me to feel grounded, strong and joyful."



"Francisca has the ability to make people feel at ease and comfortable to find their sound. So they can discover that their own true voice is their inner power. To overcome the fear of singing for a group of people we need trust. Francisca has the warmth and the patience of an angel. She has the ability to feel your energy and to help you to take away the blockages to make the sound fly out like a pigeon of peace. "



"It was so scary to be present in a group of people with my voice. I felt trust because Francisca gave me the feeling that it was just fine to sound the way that I sound. This trust helped me to cross the border of fear and to open myself for what wanted to come out. I was allowed to be present exactly as I am and that was such a wonderful experience."



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