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the embodiment of truth

You are
You are the melody of life.
You are the song of the Uni-verse waiting to be sung.
Your are everything you have been seeking for.
You are the love and the wisdom that will fulfill your greatest joy. 
You are the unknown mystery, singing a song of truth 
because your are the song of heaven.
Welcome to my website, You.
I AM Francisca

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{  I am  } francisca

a mystic, a musician & magician offering gifts of love & Freedom

The Universe is a great mystery to me.

When I think of the universe I imagine the silence and the enormous space between the heavenly bodies. It reminds me of myself in my pure essence; Empty space.

In the great nothingness, the thoughtless stillness of the present moment, we can find our true selves and the essence of our being. Everything originates from this deep silent well of love and pure potential; the Zero Point field. It is this place where I sing from, the place from which our physical heart beats in tandem with cosmic symphonies.

Sound and light vibrations are the language of the heart and the force behind all of creation. 


With my voice I feel myself align with source energy and I drink from the well of pure love and potential. When I sing from the silence, I humbly surrender to what is. With my being and my singing I am creating a state of divine beauty and ease so that the listener in you will begin to know itself and choose to step into that field of wellbeing and relaxation. It is an invitation to become whole and well and shine and radiate your light into the world.

The past 15 years of my life Shamanism, Mysticism and Quantum physics have played an important role in my development.

I was part of numerous healing plant ceremonies. First to heal and to purge and later to learn about energies and all the dimensions in the universe. My Soul energy wanted to sing geometrical energy patterns from heaven and these ceremonies were the perfect surroundings for my yet unaware being to start to understand and experience the multi dimensional meaning of this. 

Working with energy from a shamanic point of view liberated my voice in a very profound way. It was as if my soul was guiding me into a cosmic voice liberation process.

With love I share my experiences and knowledge of the voice and my deep intuitive connection with sound.

With gratitude I share divine love and the sound of my singing voice, so I can create a loving space of well being and grace. A space where the listeners can feel soft and present within themselves. So they can feel how to manage their own space of well being, without effort or force. It all flows when we align with our essence of being, with source. 


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Truth is too simple for words;
before thought gets tangled up

in nouns and verbs,

there is a wordless sound

a deep breathless sigh
of overwhelming relief

to find the end of fiction
in this ordinary
yet extraordinary moment
when words are recognized
as words,
and truth is recognized
as everything else.

by Nirmala

In the beginning - Francisca
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Sound of Silence concert

Experience the healing and nurturing effects of sacred sound and become part of the energy as a listener and a singer. As part of the "Instant composing" we will play whatever arises. In us or in you.

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