the sound of others

Co-creating "Dolby-Surround-Soul-Sound"

When we come into alignment we will feel a deep connection with souls that match our core vibration. Some may be part of our Soul group and Monad, others are part of the same purpose, or part of a profound learning experience and energy exchange. 

We find each other at the right time so that we can empower each other and co-create experiences that match our Soul purpose and certain frequencies that need manifestation.

We all bring our radiant colors and vibrant sounds into this reality through the talent that we brought into this incarnation. Working together with others and sharing talents is like recognizing and therefore honoring the power of the divine manifested in the other. 

Being of service to the whole is much more powerful and fun when shared. Although there are many times we need to be and work alone. 

I am grateful that I have the oppurtunity to work with these beautiful people and souls 

I honor these souls for their wisdom, their energy, their being and their talents and look forward to our co-creations.



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