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the sound of flowers

Flower Blessing

Flower essences have been used since ancient Egypt and are part of ancient shamanic knowledge. The Egyptian magicians and the shamans knew the subtle (healing) power that could be invoked by a deep spiritual communion with the flower devas. 


"Flowers can awaken humans to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature. With their pure and high vibration they are ethereal messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless." (from The new earth by Eckart Tolle)

They are enlightened manifestations of divine geometry shaped into harmonious forms. A Flower Blessing is the vibrational imprint of this divine ethereal form that has been transferred and stabilized in alcohol to become liquid sound.


They have their own name, a harmonized sound vibration that invokes and invites the full beauty of your essence.

flower blessing
flower blessing

These Flower blessings harmonize and give you a feeling of ease and relaxation. They softly guide you into a space of wellbeing and lead you to the remembrance of your true essence. 

Smelling these essences or putting them on your body will bring us back to pure harmonic  beauty, creating harmony within you and around you.

These essences support us in extending our consciousness beyond its present state. They provide a subtle language that helps us to understand our own vibrational field and our thoughts. 

I make these flower blessings with flowers I collect from all over the world.. Every Blessing is different, and like a crystal the Flower Blessing will choose you.

When you inhale this flower blessing the smell will reconnect you to your divine nature. 

You can buy a bottle in Amsterdam at Mahara holistic lifestyle, or at

Casa de la Luz ( with 4,- discount if you participated in a ceremony) in Zutphen, NL.  

You can also buy them here on this website. 

80ml/ €33,-

flower blessing


This flower Blessing can assist you in reconnecting to your divine essence.

The sound frequency “Ambha” brings down the remembrance of who you truly are. It helps you to integrate this into your human heart and helps  you to express this divine truth more freely in your life. The flowers with their high vibrational scent and light energy, work as a frail bridge between the realms of spirit. They are here to remind you that you are like them; Divine embodiment.

flower blessing


This flower Blessing can assist you in reconnecting to your higher heart. Seated between the heart and the throat chakra, this chakra connects you to the 5th dimensional love of self and God. The frequency “Sensah” opens the way to this love and provides you with a nurturing and comforting feeling of being safe and connected to your core within the sometimes overwhelming energies on earth. Remember to breath and to feel that you are love & present in every breath. 

flower blessing


This flower Blessing can assist you in reconnecting to your divine sound. It has no name or frequency to add because it is your sound and your vibration that will be added to the flowers so that you can become the blessing

that you need.

It helps you to connect to your inner sound.

This healing sound wells up from your heart and when you become the loving listener of your own sound you create space for deep healing an communicating your  truth.

flower blessing


This flower Blessing can assist you in reconnecting to  your soul purpose and with people within your own soul cluster or family.

The sound frequency “Mahara” activates the remembrance of divine consciousness  and divine love in action. When you search you will find, when you hear you will listen, when you live you will love. This Blessing will help you to receive the gift of spiritual discernment and forbearance. 

flower blessing


This flower Blessing can assist you in reconnecting to the omni present source energy. The harmonic essence of this flower is soft, subtle, and light. It is noticeable through awareness, joy and loving presence.

The sound frequency “B’ina”( Bay Ina) supports the integration of higher vibrations and helps us to create  heaven on earth. Remember who you are and bring forth the conscious choice of your soft, subtle light.  

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