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I am like you.

The more layers fall of, the more I am becoming a mystery to myself. 

Am I a teacher, a healer, a singer, or a mystic?

I am following the divine impulses

to be there where I need to be, at the right time and the right place.

 I am here to be your mirror of sound and energy. 

WHen you feel


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 “I am the sound of my divine essence brought into form" 


opening  up myself to be a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of the divine.


I am here on earth to be a wise human, spontaneous and transparent, allowing magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen.


Like a child I use the wisdom of joy to manifest liberation and love through not knowing and not understanding.

I am a mystic, a  musician & magician that dances the dance of love through offering gifts of freedom to the world. 


More about Francisca >>  


In the new spiritual paradigm the Role of the Heart will become leading in the way we embody our divine essence in form. Divine love and divine wisdom will take over. In a Heart centered consciousness of the higher realms the purified energy of the heart combined with the energy of the throat speaks to our ability to express our TRUTH with the Voice of LOVE.

When our throat chakra is fully opened we will be guided by truth from the higher realms and from our divine essence. We will no longer need to be guided by other people, belief systems, laws or anything that limits us from living our highest potential because we will be fully expressing our divinity in all things we do. 

The Voice is a human instrument of vibrational creativity. Voice forms vibrations into audible sounds and words, communicating vision and intention. The voice may penetrate to the heart of the listener; the voice may give expression to emotions rising in the heart, including prayers and devotional songs or soothing sounds of comfort. 

The voice is everything that is true about you in every moment. The vibrations you "broadcast" tell a vibrational story of everything that is present within you. 

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Music of the spheres

For thousands of years, different cultures and religions around the world have been tuning into a sound which comes from beyond the stars. This heavenly music is a means of transportation for the soul. By becoming one with the holy stream of sound, souls find themselves ascending in spirit towards the place where the sound emanates.

"This UNI-VERSE, this one sound is divided into unlimited frequencies or tones that generate a geometric wave pattern containing the information of its order and structure in nature. It is the underlying force of creation.

When I sing I am not the singer. I am not the voices that come through me. I am everything and I am nothing at the same time. I am the expression of freedom through sound. The witness, the space, the presence of love and light that emanates from sound, a celestial musician who uses vibration to open doorways to other dimensions and the inner world of divine love.

Some call this music a sound healing, but I prefer to call it a sound blessing. The music and the celestial vibrations are here to awaken the remembrance that you are part of the divine whole. 


Francisca sings

Much of our life is spent under the influence of disorganized, chaotic, and frantic sound. However, the more time one spends within the influence of highly organized and repeating fractal tone patterns, the more solution orientated is the information attracted and maintained in one’s energy field.


This can allow stress to be replaced with relaxation and effortlessness, which is why the sacred geometry of sound is a foundation for sound healing. In addition, symbols are the language of the unconscious and higher conscious mental bodies, and they provide the keys to one’s journey into the sensations of tone.


The physical body, the subtle bodies and their points of confluence, vibrate at different frequencies. These are modified or literally attuned by the resonation of the inner sound current, sacred algorithms or sound mantras, which can then harmonize and realign the dense and subtle components of the energetic body and awaken the light within.


When human beings awaken, they are awakening to their own soul which exist within them as light and sound frequencies. These frequencies are felt through the heart and heard with ears as tones that one can not yet understand.

Francisca sings:

Essence - Francisca & Choca
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"Through your voice I could hear myself.  Me, in my greatest power, free and strong but also soft.  As vulnerable as my deepest sorrow. 

Receiving your tones, felt like receiving myself for the first time.

As if you sang my true potential,  

all my depth and all my vulnerability.  All three at once."    



"When you sing from the depths of your being, the space and energy fields around you are affected. The attitude, mood and feelings of the people who share this space with you are changed, whether they are aware of it or not.

The harmonizing expression that you gave to your radiant authentic voice took me in an upward spiral where I experienced more of the unity healing, clarity and strength that your voice added to the space . You made all heaviness disappear!


What I also felt strongly is that your communication center is fully enabled, because you are in pure connection to the source with integrity and an open heart. So you've already done a lot of inner work to be able to sing so lovingly!

If you sing you increase your aura and then your physical body is an open channel.

S u p e-r-fantastic!"



"You showed me that singing isn't just about words and lyrics, it is about love energy and opening spaces and dimensions. "


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soundfullnes  retreat

the higher voice

This retreat is aiming to guide you into the direction of your Divine Power of will, which you express through Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. It is through the third of the Higher Chakras the higher Throat, that you express your Divine Power. This chakra is about Divine Self-expression, and it is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull, and is coloured Aquamarine and Gold. 

By liberating your Higher voice you will start to use the full potential of your higher thoat chakra.

When this 5th dimensional chakra is fully activated you will use more and more a language of divine power and drop all words that resonate with victimization, blame, limitation and lack. Instead you are aligned with the power of the universal OM or HU, the ultimate power of creation. You realize that your words are mathematical programs that can be sent into the universe. And you intuitively know that the vibration of your voice is the key to greater wisdom and that your words unleash your ability to live the life your soul is guiding you to live. Ultimately what determines the embodiment of 5th dimensional frequencies within your morphogenetic field is the fulfillment of your Soul's Purpose and you flowing with it.

This Retreat will provide you with the experiences you need to trigger, open, see, connect and know. You will learn to recognize the Sound of Silence in the voices of yourself and others and will learn to tune into the vibration of truth/God.

In each others company we will express our truth and will discover what limiting programs are connected to our voice and what trauma's or unexpressed emotions still need to be expressed and are here to guide us further. 

As masters of the energies/emotions we contain we will take full ownership and move through this with the grace of Gods and Goddesses. 

Embodying love, power and wisdom are the key words behind the Sound of Silence Retreats. This means that we will connect to the beauty of Mother Earth with silent walks in nature, that we will connect to her waters and that we will connect to our water/bodies in the morning through sound Yoga and/or water flow at the beach or in the swimming pool, and in the evening through dance. During the day we will work on alignment with our highest essence through silence, talking, walking, swimming, listening, expressing, sounding, feeling, and singing exercises. We will also have our own musician with us. He/she will be playing his/her instrument to support our singing the whole week.

Our bodies will be nurtured by healthy organic vegetarian foods and cleansed by purifying water. Water plays an important role in the embodiment proces, and we will flow in it daily and we  will drink al lot of water that we energize ourselves with our heavenly voices by singing to it. The memory of the water will than also contain the codes from heaven that we absorb in our bodies. There is so much abundance to be experienced, and you will feel it all from within and without. 

You will probably feel healthier, unburdend, free and joyful when you leave. And you will definitely shine and radiate. A bigger "you", more integrated and aligned will return to share his/her wonders with the world. It is time, and the time is now! 

MOUNT SHASTA, CALIFORNIA, U.S.           - Oktober 2018 -
CANARY ISLANDS, LA GOMERA, SPAIN     - September 2018 -
KOH PAHGNANG. THAILAND           - Januari 2019 -
IBIZA, SPAIN          - May 2018 -
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