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Tribute to the divine feminine

I will follow you...

“You’re my river running high, run deep run wild”

I am healthy embodied Feminine energy. The most beautiful openhearted thing. When I sing, dance and flow and when I connect to my inner core I radiate soft empowerment and divine wisdom. Inside my body I am home and connected to the outside world.

I am this soft energy that feels the truth behind everything without having to understand it. My vulnerability teaches me to move away from things, people, or situations that are unhealthy, exhausting or unsafe and it teaches me to move towards energies that are nurturing, uplifting and encouraging.

I am the care taker of my own nervous system, and I make sure that I am in touch with myself before I connect outward.

I am sensual by nature and my sexuality is about deep connection. As a sensual muse I carry it with grace and I share it with an open heart. It is love, it is life, it is pure and open.

It is divine creation that moves beyond the physical body.

Francisca under water

My body is an energetic portal into higher dimensions and with every cell I breath into union with the divine that I am. I am here to birth new beginnings with every breath that I take, and I let go, breathing out into dying and returning home.

The masculine who can follow the rivers that flow through me will ravel in the deep currents of divine lifeforce energy unraveling every now moment into a cosmic orgasm of bliss and belonging.

Here the knowing comes that we are divine children dancing in the play of life through opening the heart and knowing the meaning of true freedom. We have a choice; together we can remember God.

With my sacral chackra I shake things up so change is eminent and every day is new and different. Like water I move, touch, and soften the rough edges in the world, I surrender to the circular flow of life and submerge everything into pure freshness and joy.

I am love, deep nurturing love, that embraces as a mother and gives others exactly what they need from a divine point of view, this might not always be what they want.

I allow life to happen in an effortless way and I see how it becomes.

I surrender to the things that want to move into e-motion and I move with it. I am fine even though it might not seem that way from a masculine perspective. It might not even make any sense, not even to myself.

I am not here to make sense or to serve the agenda of the linear ego. I am not here to please or to serve the world and the old masculine way of things. I am here to serve my own blessed heart and the softness that I am. By doing so I will lead the divine masculine back home into balance with me, as us, as that I am.


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