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2020 - The blossoming of heaven

We are at the end of the road that we have been walking on for a very long time. The signs on the side of the road are pointing us into a new direction. We are crossing over to new ways of seeing, new ways of being, new ways of loving, new ways of sharing, and new ways of giving. All we need to do is to cross over and choose as enlightened masters to live a human life here on earth.

But what does a being of light do in a world filled with tragedy, pain and struggle?

I believe I have seen the signs at the cross road showing clearly in what direction we need to go now. Life is my oracle and it is showing me what I can do to cross over and safely be the container of heaven here on earth. In my last blog ( read here) I wrote about the Matrix and about us being “the one” and making the right choice in the right moment for the right reasons. The reasons are the signs on our path, the path that we are walking individually.

We read the signs with the eyes of angels and choose with the heart of an Angel.

The heart of an Angel is present, always ready, willing and open for divine guidance.

It follows excitement and illumination and chooses wisely.

2020 will give us the opportunity to leave behind one last thing and cross over. One last program we need to delete from all the layers, all timelines and all versions that we are, that we were and are going to be. All this time we have been thinking that we need to save and heal the world, that we need to come up with solutions and spread our love and our light onto the world to make it better and heal ourselves, the planet and the collective.

But it will all change by itself when we fully commit our energy to being the most loving person we can be towards ourselves. This means being fully committed to serving ourselves.

This might come as shock for some people who have dedicated their time and energy on serving everything else but themselves. We need to become our own care taker, our own lover, our own friend, our own savior, and our own God. We are what we are looking for!

The love for ourself is of tremendous importance to break the chains of duality for once and for all. When we cross over every choice we make will be out of love for ourselves. We are going to be kindness and softness, fulfillment and encouragement, we are going to be the ones we have been longing for, for so so so long. Because all things arise from the inner melody that is playing inside everyone of us, and we are the source of what the world echoes back to us.

Look around you, what do you see? What reality can we choose that is the opposite from what we have been creating over and over to survive duality?

We have forsaken ourselves to live the life we thought we had to. We have forsaken ourselves because our light was uncomfortable for others, or because of the pain of our loved ones that we felt so deeply, we have forsaken ourselves so we could go on thinking we were doing the right thing or felt a little bit less guilty for failing so many times to make things better.

Look around you and see the madness. Humanity has forsaken itself.

The whole world is populated by people who have no loving boundaries set for themselves. They make unhealthy choices and expect others to do the same, or they look for others to give them the love they can not give to themselves. No one says "no" or chooses more self love and more joy in every now moment. Things in life can be harsh and forceful, and this is seen as normal.

Therefor humanity expects others to comply to the same abusive way of living.

But we know that we are humanity and we create the way things are.

Imagine the soul being born in duality without forgetting it's origin, how would it take care of itself. Would it learn to survive duality in the same way we did? Would this soul try to rescue the ones who are forsaking themselves over and over by forsaking itself in the process? Or would this soul lovingly steer itself away from things that are not healthy? Would this soul make the right choices in the right moment for the right reasons? Would it always choose to serve the light by starting with its own light? You know the answer. This soul would know that to boldy love inward would reflect outward.

We are the light and the love, we are the living breathing gifts of freedom, we are the god creators creating a world for ourselves that is loving and safe. This is what we will do to maintain a space of ease and grace. This is what we choose so that we can be a container for heaven. We are crossing over to be the masters we have always been. We carry the foundation of heaven with every breath we take, and we will choose self love every single day. With this choice we will jump to the timeline where we are in full alignment with our divine source and our human body.

An Earth Angel asks her/himself “How can I serve heaven by choosing wisely?

How can I choose in a loving way? How can I choose that what serves "me" in every moment? “

This "me" is the I am presence, this spark of God, this pure innocent child, this sensitive angel that is born into a world that can feel hostile and harsh. How do you serve this innocent child that fell into duality with a super sensitive nervous system, and a heart that was wide open?

How do you serve this innocent light?

When we serve our own light and divinity we can no longer comply to the "rules"within duality.

We will choose differently and more lovingly every day. We are the wayshowers, showing the way to heaven by being this loving force of energy that chooses self love above everything else. This is choosing divine love above everything else. This is to love all of you in every moment.

This is choosing heaven above everything else.

This is being a being of wellbeing all the time in all times.

This is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and this will radiate an energy out onto the world that will show the world how to be present as a divine creator within duality. Only when we choose from this deep intimate source of love we can be the love that we are, and only than we can emanate this pure divine presence outwards.

You will know that you are the love you have been waiting for. You are your savior, you are your own god, lover and best friend. And than you will deeply know;

I am my own fulfillment, I am softness, I am kindness, I am a blessing, I am wholeness, I am energy, I am light, I am love, I am becoming, I am all that I was. I am heaven on earth and I love all of me and therefore all of you.

So I wish you all a heavenly year! Be your own best friend and most intimate lover.

See you in heaven!

Love, Francisca


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