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{  I am  } francisca

My name is Francisca. I am a space of love, a spiritual

navigator of the divine plan and a lover. I love to love! 

I do this by shining and sharing my highest essence through unconditional Divine love. The kind of loving that is in service of being in truth with all that is in every now moment.

I am here on earth to be of service in high vibrational ways, working with my unique gifts to support the divine plan. I am here to empower the divine connection and the heart space of the divine Feminine and divine masculine through soul illumination and the dancing in polarity.  I am holding in union the opposites that make us experience separation. I am Union, I am Shakti dancing with Shiva,  I am Source looking through my eyes at my human experience, I am the empty void and I am creation. A pure breath of life force energy. I am the fire and the water, the earth and the sky. 

I am here to lead by example so people find their way back to their wisdom and remember their divine blue print through clear communication, alignment and inspired intention

I have an enormous capacity to hold light, therefore I am able to ‘hold space’ in the density here on earth so that humanity and our planet can breath deeply into the heaven that they are. I am the Tantric invitation to others to lovingly hold space for themselves to feel all that needs to be felt, meanwhile reconnecting themselves back into wholeness, 

I hold the capacity to be fully present with the collective pain body bringing through a beautiful and pure path of clear and pure connection and communication with all the higher aspects that I AM. As a spiritual navigator of the Divine Plan I activate the Heart-Centered Blueprint in others through the sound of my voice and through the vibration of fractal light language when I sing.

I am a teacher of teachers, a realistic spiritualist, an accelerator of particles, pure and real as a child, working mostly behind the scenes while setting things in motion with my energetic presence and through my human interactions. 

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step into the space that reflects who you are

We are walking the earth as awakened souls to boldly love like no human has done before. This is why we are here.

We will embrace duality to the fullest and still will always be a part

of heaven. We are the sacred memories of God whispering a song of love with every breath we take.

Invisible threads of love are woven into our DNA and our cells and we can activate them by stepping into the space outside of time and duality; The space of love. Our home. In this space of love we allow every feeling and emotions to move through us and we surrender to the fact that this reality is here to be experienced as it is and we allow it to be so.


Bathing in the golden rays of starlight and in full alignment we play, dance and sing in every now moment as a reflection of heaven. 

Our hearts beat in allignement with the drum of God, leading us into a sacred movement to remember the intimate breath of pure consciousness from within.We are breathing prayers and dancing invocations singing and speaking the vibration of pure love.

Silent echoes of wisdom purify our song and ignite a vibrant field of love in and around us. When we are awake we mirror the sacred kingdom of unity.

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In the deep embodiment of Sound and Silence we listen to an inner song and humbly move with deep compassion and grace to become the movement and reflection of that pure light and devotion. With the reflection of that energy we open up new realities outside the concept of time and space.

There is a sacred symphony playing, a song of love that lifts the veil of illusion. The ears of the mystic are here to listen to the subtle vibrations and translate them into divine blessings of love and truth with every act, every word, every sound and every breath. 

The mystic is the river that flows into the divine ocean that breathes in endless waves of tantric lifeforce energy. Our sexual energy is now becoming the generator for Divine co-creation and is showing us what purity and awareness behind thoughts, words and movement are about. With this sexual energy combined with the wisdom of our hearts we will become like the creator and be the divine being that we have been from the beginning. 

Sometimes we walk alone, seperated and in solitude. But we are never alone. A whisper, an innermost presence of a mystical truth calls upon our hearts to unite.

We are life. We are love. We are de divine feminine and the divine masculine returning home.

space of love

Being of frequency

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