• Francisca


•The Mystery of water•

Water is the most mysterious substance on earth. It covers almost our entire planet. It is the most fluid, most powerful, most surprising and most expanding substance we know. It is the source of all life, contains life, gives life and maintains life and has the unique ability to materialize itself into 3 different forms at once and it can move through time or make time stand still. We are almost entirely made of water but still we have trouble understanding it's mysteries.

And that is strange because we are so familiar with water in our life and in our body.

The one thing our bodies are mostly made of is a mystery to us. And that says something about the mystery of our essence of self and the unknoweable energy behind creation. This divine energy is greater than any other force or being. And, it is greater than all that pertains to us. It is essential for this divine energy to remain a mystery, to remain unfathomable. So we could say that water contains this divine unfathomable energy and is in that way a direct and fluid mirror of our creator. Could this be why we are made of water?

•Water is everything• The qualities of water can be used to describe the qualities and the paradox of life. Because there is nothing softer and more flexible than water, and yet there is nothing more strong and overwhelmingly powerfull than water. Contracting and expending, giving and taking, opening and closing, like Yin and Yang, male and female. (The Tao uses the analogy of water as a metaphor to describe itself)

Water is a transmitter of energy and patterns of information. It can purify and heal depending on the energy and the type of information/intention it carries. ( Dr. Masaru Emoto) It is our base, our blood and it is our survival. It is present within and without and it's alive and moving in a continuous love rythme. Th flow of the water connects different parts on our planet. It is the base of very intelligent interconnected (eco)cycles in nature and it runs through the veins of Mother Earth to balance us and to nurture us.

It is as if water is showing us who we truly are as Soul Energy. We are fluid and pure like water, and we react to energy and vibrations in the same way as water does. We also absorb energies and mirror our surroundings, and we too can become truly powerful when we become soft and fluid.

•Water knows consciousness from within•