• Francisca


•Sonic sensibility•

The world is a beautiful musical composition and it plays her music for us all the time. We are the listeners of the compositon of life, but we are also the composers of this miraculous symphony that is going on around us all the time. We can add to it, improve it or we can destroy it. We can just add more noises or we can add more beautiful sounds. We can choose how we wish to be a part of this composition.

Because we are living in world now with an overkill of (often technological amplified) sound we can also choose to reduce the amount of sounds . This is when silence becomes important. We need this silence because the composition of life needs the pauze as a musical rhythm.

So how does the composer who is also the listener plays his or her part in this huge musical symphony? What happens when the listener harmonizes the musical composition just by listening?

•Listening to silence•

There are so much noises around us that listening to silence might seem impossible if you are waiting for a moment where there is no sound at all. The meaning of silence in the dictionary is: "Complete absence of sound", "Soundlessness" and "Quietness."

But if you listen carefully you will know that silence is not the absence of sound because there never is an absence of sound. There is always you! Silence is about creating a new relationship with sound, it is about listening and it can be found in sound itself, not in the absence of sound. Listening to silence begins within the listener. It begins with awareness of the ever present silence.

•Silent listening•

Silence is a state of mind that can be required when the listener changes the connection to what is heard. It means that the hearing is liberated and builds a new connection to what is already sounding. It shapes the soul of listening and creates a spiritual connection towards sound.