• Francisca


•The return of Yang•

These past weeks have been very interesting. After years of feminine energy dominating in my life, the masculine energy returned in my

reality. And how!!

For me this meant that the energy

presented itself as a sudden moving and productive force. ( I started this Blog for example, changed my website and started planning my work again) Surprisingly it also brought me the return of twin flame energy and it manifested a deep longing for my body to be balanced and healthy. For a moment it felt as if the Yang turned off the Yin like a switch. "Click".

But as a woman I know that one switch hardly covers the comlexity of the devine feminine energies, and soon after the activation of Yang the Yin stepped back in, trying to find balance. The yin in my body acts as a soft flowing river that whispers to me what it wants and how it can find balance. All I need to do now is to listen to my body and pay close attention to what is happening in my reality. What is life telling me?

•Masculine twin flame energy moving towards embodiment•

Life is showing me some interesting things. I will use these things as examples to explain how I have come to certain insights. The energy of my Twin flame woke up inside of me which created an unexpected strong desire for him and his body. The sexual energy suddenly created a longing for "the other half" outside of myself. This type of desire can lead to stories in your head about your future together, about romance, practicing making babies and living happily ever after.

However, this feeling of desire is showing one thing only; that there is a strong need for balance inside and not outside! So in short, when the masculine force of creation moved through my body it triggered sexual energy and a sense of not being complete without the other male part of me. And in a way this is true, because I can only feel complete if the two energies merge in perfect balance.

I noticed that