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•The return of Yang•

These past weeks have been very interesting for me as a woman. After years of feminine energy dominating in my life, the masculine energy returned in my reality. And how!!

For me this meant that the energy

presented itself as a sudden moving and productive force. ( I started this Blog for example, changed my website and started planning my work again) Surprisingly it also brought me the return of twin flame energy and it manifested a deep longing for my body to be balanced and healthy. For a moment it felt as if the Yang turned off the Yin like a switch. "Click".

But as a woman I know that one switch hardly covers the comlexity of the devine feminine energies, and soon after the activation of Yang the Yin stepped back in, trying to find balance. The yin in my body acts as a soft flowing river that whispers to me what it wants and how it can find balance. All I need to do now is to listen to my body and pay close attention to what is happening in my reality. What is life telling me?

•Masculine twin flame energy moving towards embodiment•

Life is showing me some interesting things. I will use these things as examples to explain how I have come to certain insights. The energy of my Twin flame woke up inside of me which created an unexpected strong desire for him and his body. The sexual energy suddenly created a longing for "the other half" outside of myself. This type of desire can lead to stories in your head about your future together, about romance, practicing making babies and living happily ever after.

However, this feeling of desire is showing one thing only; that there is a strong need for balance inside and not outside! So in short, when the masculine force of creation moved through my body it triggered sexual energy and a sense of not being complete without the other male part of me. And in a way this is true, because I can only feel complete if the two energies merge in perfect balance.

I noticed that every time there was a deep longing for "him" or the Masculine I only had to focus on my own body and my breathing, Through connecting to my essence I could feel "the other's" intimate presence within myself, in every cell of my body. Through breathing I became the other! Because I am the other.

The masculine energy is a beautiful invitation to go deeper into the process of the embodiment, it invites you to reconnect in a softer and more loving way to your body and to your self, to be present in the moment in your own body. It is the invitation of the feminine qualities inside of us to welcome the masculine in. It is so beautiful how life talks to us and how it uses all these feelings to guide us into the experiences we need; feelings of not being complete, feelings of rejection, of not being safe enough to open your heart. These emotions are exactly what triggers behavior that can help with the integration of masculine energy into the Feminine. It is about healing both energies, and I feel that the feminine is leading in this.

•Integrating the masculine is like dancing the Tango•

What really touched me when I started dancing the Tango 10 years ago, was the realization that Tango brings a woman back into her true feminine power and a man in his true masculine power. The dance is a reflection of masculine and feminine energy and it is performed by a leader and a follower. Most of the time the follower is the woman and the leader is the man. In the beginning I was rejecting this role of being the follower because the unbalanced (fe)male energies in me linked it to weakness and wanted to stay in control. This is a result of the shadow of not yet balanced energy.

Later I discovered the blissful feeling it gave me to fully surrender to the guidance of the masculine. It helped me to reconnect to my flowing and fluid feminine power. I had so much trust in me that I could close me eyes and let the man lead me safely through the room filled with obstacles while being in full contact with my body, his body and the dance itself.

Some men expressed how scary it was for them to have been given so much trust to guide a woman who closed her eyes and surrendered to his lead entirely. ( "oh my God she is closing her eyes!") This made me understand the masculine energy much better. The responsibility to create a space where the feminine can be safe and blossom weighs heavy on the shoulders of the masculine, it might also trigger feelings of wanting to run, hide and not take on any responsibility at all.

I discovered while dancing that when we were balanced and in alignment that the leading masculine energy had to listen and pay attention to every movement I made. It was very playful and sensual to do this together. This dance and fulfilling this role as follower, connected me to an unknown, softer power.

I discovered that I was able to allow the male energy to lead, guide and invite me, and that in doing so I made room for the feminine energy inside of me to become less masculine and more soft, vulnerable and wise. When I followed and surrendered, the "goal oriented" or "visionary" leader provided me with a safe space to radiate and shine and share more of myself with the world.

The masculine energy provides opportunity and space and the feminine energy flows in it with her own shape and rythm.

The beauty of this is that when this is performed in a dance like tango, the feminine energy becomes leading in a different way, in her unique and authentic way.

The masculine has to wait for her to perform her movements before it can move on, otherwise "he" walks all over "her" and forces her to not feel her own rhythm anymore.

It is a mutual respect and passionate grace that is reflected in the dance. This is also how it works inside ourselves.

When the two energies work together they become a beautiful dance and an invitation towards each other to truly be powerful. The masculine leading energy is listening to the soft feminine energy and follows her pace. The masculine energy provides opportunity and creates expansion and space, and the feminine energy flows in and brings her soft grace, with love and beauty.

He will know what is needed and what is enough because he can feel her.

•Are you dancing, or are you fighting, hiding or fleeing?•

The Masculine is ON and it is in need of balance. It wants to burn, deal, rid, pick up, hit and drop. It is a powerful and beautiful energy that knows what it wants and where it needs to go. But it can also be loud, overwhelming, immature, stubborn, without boundaries. Non directed and out of balance masculine energy is totally clueless and linked to the "brute force" energy in our society. The "Old me" grew up in this energy and this is how I got to know and used my masculine energy. It is such a relief now to see that this masculine energy is finding it's way back to it's true power, to a balanced power. A few days back I gave a Sound of Silence Concert and two men ( beings with more masculine energy) attended. Afterwards they shared their open hearted experiences. Their sharing gave me an insight about the masculine energy and the struggle for men with this energy in combination with the feminine. Their story provided me with a mirror for their longing to balance out the energies within themselves. It was really beautiful. What was interesting for me to learn from the conversations after the concert is that some men have not been introduced yet to the feeling of self love, and divine love. Masculine energy is about doing, about will power, and is very much attached to a certain outcome and to achieving results.

It believes that it has to do more, and give more in order to receive more.

Maybe it is because the energy feels that it is lacking or that it is inadequate and failing, or maybe it is because it does not understand the true power of the masculine energy yet. Sometimes masculine energy believes that creating a space for the feminine is by forcing it's will on the situation or on the more feminine and softer energy that sometimes might seem so indecisive. Masculine energy can confuse true power with powerful and forceful behavior and might forget to listen and allow the smaller and more subtle things.

Through synchronicities in my reality I see how some men are suddenly going through a proces of self acceptance, and propagating their truth for the first time. There is so much collective self-rejection and self-disapproval. There is also so much fear in hurting the female part and failing in being truly present in a relationship. Also a lot of men stay in relationships that are not in alignment any more with their truth because the little boy in him believes that he needs to live up to the expectations of succes.

This process of opening up to their truth enlarges their vulnerability and makes them more connected to the allowing and forgiving feminine energy inside themselves.

This is what the masculine energy inside all of us needs now.

•The Masculine is in need of forgiveness• The Masculine energy inside all of is in need of forgiveness, connectedness and softness. Sometimes it was to loud, to restless, impatient, or to much blinded by a goal, to much showing off, to much ego, or to much hurt. Sometimes it felt that it had to do more and work harder to earn the love. Sometimes it believed that the force of creation/ the sexual energy was only about sex and finding love and fulfillment in that area. It not only connected men with the force of creation it also brought them in touch with the force of destruction, and with abuse and shame.

What the masculine energy needs is the forgiveness and the soft encouragement of the allowing feminine energy. The feminine energy can lead by example and show the way through softness, forgiveness and being connected to her own rhythm and the dance of truth. She is the door to the higher self and the all accepting divine love.

"She" will guide "him" to his subtle listening abilities, he will learn to listen to her and will follow her rhythm with respect and she will surrender and open up to him and communicates to him what she needs so he can learn to listen.

This is pure love between the sacred union of the masculine and the feminine. It can take place inside a woman and inside a man. It can take place between a woman and a man, or between a woman and a woman, or between a man and a man and anything else that is in need of balance.

In real life, in the here an now, we can forgive this masculine energy inside of us with the feminine energy inside of us, simply by listening to our bodies and respecting its needs. It also works the other way around; we can forgive the feminine with masculine energy through listening to our bodies. We are both the follower and the leader in this divine dance performance.

Listen to what your body needs, listen to what it tells you. Allow the subtle clues to guide you.

No will power here, just soft guidance, movement and space.

Become the masculine energy that listens, and become the feminine energy that expresses her true needs, her pace, her rhythm. Both energies have been acting out from the shadow and from pain for a long time.

Now they are here to become the dancing couple from heaven tangled up in a close embrace of divine union.


The things I write about come from my heart. The knowledge that my heart wants to share is simple and in a loving way connected to the Allowance of knowing and not knowing.

Love is the allowance of all perspectives within yourself. So read everything I write with your heart open and allow yourself to find your truth.


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