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When the Wayshower becomes the Way


"So what is it you're doing, now that you are on the other side?" my sweet friend and fellow ascension princess asked me in a text message one morning.

I replied " I have no idea what to do with myself, but I do know I want to leave here now and find me a cup of coffee" And she replied with an emoji laugh "but you still need a spoon right?... for your coffee?" and I did.

This is how my new found reality started a few weeks ago. A collective group off souls all felt that they stepped through a door or went through some sort of a wormhole to "the other side". For me it began with being heavily sucked in duality and becoming very stuck. I was guided to watch the Matrix again. I know the movie very well, but this time I watched it with different eyes, this time I was fully focussed on the process of Neo going

through the door and becoming "The One".

( Btw it is easier to understand this article if you have seen the movie)

There is a difference in knowing the path and walking the path, Morpheus said, and the Oracle told Neo exactly what he needed to hear in order for him to make the right choice at the right moment. She told him that he was not "The one". But when you have seen the movie before, you know for sure that he is the one. The Oracle presented the perfect information at the right time, gave him what he needed to hear to make the right choice at the right moment.

Suddenly I realized that I was also the one and that I was holding back. I also needed to make a choice and the right moment was now because now I was presented with the right information it seemed. But still somewhere I believed there was a spoon and it was feeding me something..

All this was a huge eye opener for me. Being on the ascension path for so long can also be blinding. You think you know the path, and you have committed and surrendered into it.

You go through all the ascension shit, portals, gates, full blood moons, retrogrades and you watch all the energy reports on youtube like everybody else and finally somewhere at the end there will be something waiting to happen and than you will have arrived.

And you surrender a bit more to what is and you kind off wait for your “prize” to appear after you have done all the work in the right way. And without you being aware of it you have created a reality loop of going through ascension. In my mind there was still a spoon and I was feeding myself the path of ascension with it.


What happens if you start walking the path and stop knowing the path?

What happens if you accept that there is no ascension needed because you are already there?

What happens if you just make the right choice for the right reason at the right moment?

I realized I had to make a decision to really be the one. To really become a master now. To fully grasp the knowing off being already there and not having to walk a linear timeline to get there in the end. To just be there where I already have been infinitely.

So I made a conscious and profound choice to walk through a door and show up for my prize.

And guess what I found behind door number 3?


Nothing, pure emptiness and more of the same. I fell into a void with a lack of purpose, not being able to plan ahead, or even think ahead. not caring anymore. Just me and the here and now. I had no idea what to do with myself in this floaty now.. now... now... reality. It made me laugh and giggle.. everything felt so unreal and strange when I interacted with the world.

And like always the slings and arrows of life were still there and the bullets were still fired at me. And although I felt like I was dancing like an Angel, gravity still had a grip on me. "Auch" that hurts and I still bled like a human.

So no flying off into infinate space leaving a trail of fairy dust behind me than?

Just being here and dealing with the same shit? What a dissapointment.

But than it starts.......

Reality (the information presented) will start to show you.

You start practicing in making choices, and doing what is needed now.

At first you think you have it.. ( knowing the path again) and than you loose it. It is about walking the path my dear, let go of the knowing. Let go of knowing, only walk... one step at a time.

There is no spoon in the now and I could only make a choice if it was from the now, for the now.

It still is like this now when I write this.

And It can only be driven by what I feel and experience now, here.

And this is where it gets interesting.

What I have found so far about being in the void of time is that we are invited to fully let go of the concept of time. Once you are really fully present in the now moment you are connected in a Quantum way to the past, present and future all at once!

It becomes like this fluid mix of presence. What was there is here and shows you in a subtle way what is to come. When you stand still in slowmotion and timelessness you will notice what is coming your way. If we become the observer of the observer we will notice the subtle changes and hints that are always there.

As if you are watching the stars at night. The light you see comes from the past, but because you observe it in your now moment it becomes a reality now. The now moment of the star is in a different time-space reality, and it might not even be there at all from a different view point in time and space. And while you stand there gazing at the night-sky you perceive it to be part of your reality. But is it?


And than we step into the zero point field where there is nothing and where there is everything. We become the witness of the observer of duality. We let it play out. We dance with it, and know that duality is our own personal Oracle giving exactly the right information in order to make the right choice at the right moment.

The way we observe determines the outcome, so we look inside rather than outside of ourselves.

We are the whole universe. What do I feel now in this universe? What step do I take now?

There is no need to rescue the world, to run around loving and healing people, there is no need to become part of a “concept” to feel part of something, there is no attachment to an outcome anymore because the outcome has already happened, you can feel it lingering around in the now.

There is just this twirling timeless love dance that is connected through you to all the multiple versions that you are in every timeline, dimension, universe, galaxy, or black hole. You are love, you are all of you and everybody in all of time and space.

And than you know. I am a timebender. I can bend time together in one moment, I can feel the past, present and future in one split second, I can walk through different timelines at once, connect to multiple versions of myself. I circle around in life force energy and radiate a field of love and graditude for my human self and the large conciousness that I am a small part of.

All I need to do is to be present in the here and now and notice what I feel and what choice presents itself and than make that choice.

But that is so fu#@king boring!! Shouts my mind.

And my heart responds with a Matrix joke "Well you can always go back and eat chicken again"

Everything in reality is part of a guidance system and you are operating it by paying attention and by maintaining a steady allignment with all that you are in all versions and times that you are.

You are the maintainer of the dance of allignment and you will feel that you are a fractal of this huge conciousness that is scattered through time and space. You are all that! In 5D and in 3D ;-)


(is the reason behind all healing)

Everything that happens now is an invitation to say goodbye to duality. Duality is nothing more than floating conciousness that is unaware off itself feeding itself the same dream with the same spoon. You will feel it all, and it will still effect you but how it will effect you is up to you. You can jump by making a quantum choice.

So instead of thinking you have done something wrong when duality rears its ugly head, just think of it as being a clear sign for you to choose something else. It is just a sign. How does it make you feel and what do you choose now? And Now? And now?

Dont go off trying to fix things or build a new road into the future so you can know the path again and feel better about duality. There is no spoon remember?

The path of an earth bound master is unclear. It has no direction and no goal.

The path of the master is a maintaining one. Seemingly empty and purposeless the master moves through life to fully maintain a space of grace and sacred and divine love and choice making. We are the God-creators and in every moment of time we choose a frequency of love no matter what timeline we find ourselves in. And we choose well because we already made all the right choices.


Mastering time within time begins with the awareness that reality is timeless. The promise of our future is granted through being born again in every moment with fresh new eyes, greater clarity, understanding and grace.

A Master dwells in empty space knowing that nothing needs te become something.

It was already fullfilled before there even was a wish. Everything is already in place and it is all perfect. Heaven is already here. It is up to us to reflect this in the choices we make in every now moment.

When we as Masters breath in conciously to enter our space of inner splendour we feel that unity and love is always in us, always present, and always manifested.

The frequency of it’s existance is always flowing from us into our perceived reality.

We are the maintainers of that space with every blink of our eye. When we maintain that field within us we have become the way for everybody else.

We are our own ancestors who are waking up with memories of our future lives. This is the metaphysical moment when truth comes together in this holy now of sacred choices. Just follow the signs, notice the changes, connect with your heart. It’s already done. Go and walk the path.


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